How To Customize A Transparent Mobile Phone Case?

- Dec 10, 2018-

First of all, outstanding features: different products have different characteristics. The appeal of company products to consumers is often not due to their commonality, but to their individuality. A creative mobile phone case transparent packaging box uses a laser printing process in the design process to add a modern sense. The transparent packaging box manufacturer also adds stickers to the outside of the packaging box during the production process. The originally boring packaging is immediately radiant. .

         1, consumer positioning: packaging image attracts the identification and influence of the product, is the ultimate consumer of the product. Designers should know who the product is sold to when designing. Nowadays, in the era of mobile phone popularization, the diversification of mobile phone cases has also sprouted like mushrooming. What kind of mobile phone case transparent packaging box can attract consumers to buy, so we design the packaging to regularly make the corresponding product market. Investigate to further understand consumer preferences and customize a suitable transparent box for customers. Therefore, only by considering the specific consumer groups facing the product, the design can produce a direct effect, bringing the product closer to the consumer and generating affinity.

       2. Get more rewards with less investment, which is the purpose of combining customer service. A special transparent box is tailored to the product information given by the customer. The use of high-transparent PET environmentally-friendly packaging materials suitable for the products enables consumers to more clearly see the internal products and increase the desire to purchase, thus increasing the sales value. Consider the cost budget and create a better product packaging box at a more favorable price.

     3, clever design. Many supermarkets in the market will choose to hang the products on the shelves, so that they can better present the products. Therefore, this mobile phone case transparent plastic packaging box has an aircraft buckle hook at the top position, which is convenient to be placed on the shelf and convenient for consumers to pick up when purchasing. There is also a manual jam inside the box, making full use of the space inside the box to let consumers clearly see the product details.