How To Create A Popular PVC Plastic Box?

- Dec 17, 2018-

Unlike other countries, China is very focused on packaging. When purchasing a product, we will consider the packaging problem, and proper packaging will increase the customer's desire to purchase. Nowadays, the most popular one in the market is the plastic box packaging, which uses the popular factors on the plastic box packaging to make the packaging more fashionable. How to create a popular PVC plastic box?

We need to determine the trend of popularization through consumer behavior. Designers must fully understand the psychological trends of buyers when designing PVC packaging boxes, and understand the relationship between marketing and product packaging design. It is important.

The popular style on the packaging is determined by the consumer's consumption habits. The product needs packaging to convey information to the consumer, and grasp the consumer's psychology to form a larger sales path. Therefore, the company and the designer always have a keen sense of touch-sensing packaging culture, quickly locate the product packaging box design structure according to popular preferences, and then customize a unique PVC packaging box solution according to customer preferences. At the same time, the company has 50 to 100 designs to choose from, and there is always one to satisfy you. The designers are constantly exploring new design inspirations in pop culture and bringing the promotion of packaging to the extreme.

Now consumers' awareness of environmental protection is becoming more and more perfect. The mainstream direction of the packaging market is also based on environmental protection and simplicity. Gradually abandon the previous luxury packaging. Our company began to change the old ideas and quickly adjust the packaging design to create for customers. A “green packaging customization plan” adopts new environmentally friendly materials, and the main body of the packaging form is also environmentally friendly. In addition to being environmentally conscious, consumers are also concerned about whether the packaging structure meets their needs.

Designers will make a series of analysis based on the different consumer groups of packaging products in terms of structural convenience, comfort, protection, ease of portability and use, and accurately grasp the needs of consumers. For example, this PVC transparent box is designed with a snap-on lid that is easy for the user to take and does not easily carry the product. In the expression of the image, the information and use of the product are presented to the consumer through the image, bringing the consumer a different visual experience to firmly grasp the excitement of the consumer.

As an important part of people's life, packaging, combined with popular cultural elements in the packaging, in the popular culture to open up a wider packaging design space, to create a PVC transparent packaging box for consumers. The above is about the introduction of the popular PVC plastic box, in fact, this method is not only suitable for PVC plastic boxes, but also for PP plastic boxes, PET plastic boxes.