How To Buy Food Plastic Packaging Box Correctly?

- Dec 10, 2018-

        Nowadays, the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental maintenance has also led to the effective development of food plastic packaging boxes. Manufacturers need to strictly follow the food grade in the selection of packaging materials, and use PET environmentally friendly non-toxic materials as packaging materials. The high transparent packaging allows consumers to clearly observe the products inside the packaging, so as to better understand And purchase products. Compared with other materials, such as paper, iron box, glass, PET plastic box, high plasticity, storage, environmental protection, high transparency and other excellent characteristics are the reason we choose it.

       When the customer details the product's function, main push group and sales area, our designers will make detailed market analysis and research based on the information, and gradually build this food based on the consumption level and habits of contemporary consumers. Exclusive food plastic packaging box. Due to the high plasticity of the plastic, the structural design of the packaging box can be fabricated according to the specifications of the product. The characteristics of the product can be expressed through the packaging box as much as possible, and can be noticed and produced by the consumer at a glance on the shelf. The desire to buy.

      When a product enters a store as a commodity, whether the pattern of the product can attract consumers to purchase is an important factor. Therefore, choosing the photos when the products are eaten and adding a playful copy that conforms to the product itself is enough to make consumers have a big appetite. In ink printing, because it is a transparent food plastic packaging box, we will use environmentally-friendly ink as the base, with advanced printing technology and equipment to achieve the characteristics of no ink, no color difference. The overall packaging gives people a kind of temptation and temptation, delicious but unreachable, and the design sense is full, giving the product humanity.