How Should PVC Transparent Glue Box Be Processed After Printing?

- Apr 29, 2018-

Pay attention to the processing problems of PVC transparent plastic boxes after printing. There are three main points:

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1, the post processing of plastic boxes is one of the important steps to show whether the results of packaging design can be perfectly presented. The packaging design and printing process in the pre press process can be guaranteed. The same packing pattern should also ensure that the reduction degree is more than 98%. Each film can not scrape between each film to avoid the ink falling off, thus affecting the customer experience.

2. After many reforms in PVC transparent box printing, the problems have been greatly improved. Even if the printing process is improved, there is a slight difference between printing and printing. Therefore, PVC plastic box manufacturers need to make an improvement on the original basis to ensure that the printing effect is as close as possible to the requirements.

3, with the improvement of people's living standard, the consumption concept is closely followed, and the demand for products is also getting higher and higher. The production cycle is getting shorter and shorter. We must ensure the quality of product packaging and enhance the brand culture.

In addition, the increase of labor costs also makes enterprises feel unprecedented pressure, the lack of funds can not enter the input of high-tech talents, resulting in the difficulty of printing technology. PVC transparent plastic box manufacturers to improve printing technology in order to break through all kinds of obstacles, and create excellent PVC transparent plastic box.