How Packaging Industry Brings Value To Commodity Sales

- Apr 24, 2018-

           Many people believe that the first impression is that for the purchase of goods is also true, the goods have a beautiful, stylish packaging, is undoubtedly the first shot for the sale of goods, the packaging industry for the sale of goods in the end bring much value? Let's take a look at a series of data analysis. China's enterprises neglected the packaging bags and incapacitated the transformation of packaging bags. The packaging industry did not thrive. According to incomplete calculations, the losses caused by poor packaging of goods before 1980 in China were more than 20 billion yuan each year. The drop of packaging bags also affected the sales and selling prices of China's export goods, and at least lost 10% of foreign exchange earnings. Therefore, there is a saying of first-class goods, second-rate packaging, and third-rate prices. For example, China is a big country in clothing. Originally, the clothing bags were relatively rough, so the high-end clothes would not be considered to be on the level. Since the time spent on clothing bags, the price of clothes has also risen, and there have also been a number of low-grade, high-grade situations. Therefore, people rely on clothing and goods rely on packaging. A bag determines the level of a commodity and the sale price. It also resolved the later sales. Although the packaging bag is inexpensive, the effect cannot be ignored. Therefore, the premise of ensuring the quality of articles is to have a good business opportunity as long as they work under the packaging bag.


             Different countries have different definitions of packaging. Shengli plastic bags have always been based on the production and sales of PE plastic bags, OPP plastic bags, PVC plastic bags, shrink films, etc.; and have a certain understanding of the packaging, in fact, different countries on the packaging The definition of different packaging understanding and definition: In different periods, different countries, their understanding and definition are not the same. Many people think that packaging is the purpose of turning circulation materials. It is a means and tool for wrapping, tying, and containing items. It is also an operational activity for packing and holding items. Since the 1960s, with the popularization and development of various supermarkets and supermarkets of their choice, packaging has been dominated by the safe circulation of the original protection products. It has shifted to the role of salespersons, and people have given new meanings to packaging. And mission. The importance of packaging has been recognized by people. More suitable for plastic bags containing foods


             Nowadays, disposable plastic cups and plastic bags used by us are mainly composed of polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and polyvinyl chloride. During this period, polyethylene is the primary raw material for PE plastic bags. Polypropylene is a safe plastic that can be used to hold food. Most of polyvinyl chloride (a raw material for PVC plastic bags) is toxic and cannot be packaged. Because the unpolymerized vinyl chloride monomer in the polyvinyl chloride resin may be toxic to the human body, and the polyvinyl chloride resin is processed into a plastic bag, it also needs to participate in some plasticizers, pigments and other toxic auxiliary materials. The primary ingredient of stabilizers is lead stearate, which is also toxic. This lead salt can be easily separated and once it enters the body, it will form a stored lead poisoning. These toxic substances and foods are eaten together and are harmful to human health. Most of the plastics used in the market today are PVC plastic bags. Dark plastic bags, such as black, red, and blue, are mostly processed from scratch using recycled plastics and have great damage to the human body. Ultra-thin plastic bags (thickness of 0.025 mm or less) are also used to stop foods. If you use polyvinyl chloride plastic bags containing oil, alcoholic foods and foods that exceed 50 degrees Celsius, the lead in the bag will dissolve into the food. Plastic bags also release toxic gases and invade the food. Generally harmless plastic bags are milky white, semi-bright or colorless, bright, flexible, touch smooth, waxy appearance, flammable in case of fire, can continue to burn after leaving the fire, no odor. Harmful plastic bags are turbid or pale yellow in color and have a sticky feel and burning smell. In addition, if the plastic bag is placed in the water and pressed into the bottom of the water, the proportion of harmless plastic bags is smaller than that of water, which can float out of the water. If the proportion of harmful plastic bags is larger than that of water, it will sink; the smell of harmless plastic bags is weak or No odor, harmful plastic bags have an unpleasant odor; a hard shake, harmless plastic bags sound loud, harmful plastic bags are awkward sound. The real green lunch box should be uniform in color, texture, feel good, high in strength, and not easily torn, and there is no odor emitted when hot and cold foods are served. It is easy to recover and use. The impersonated lunch boxes will feel soft and soft, and they will crack with a tear and have a strange smell.

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