How High Is The Price Of PET Plastic Box?

- Apr 26, 2018-

As a new type of comprehensive development material, PET is commonly used by manufacturers of PET plastic packaging boxes. Its advantages are obvious. It mainly includes the following points:


PET plastic box

(1) Excellent mechanical properties and wear resistance;

(2) good creep resistance, good rigidity;

(3) Low water absorption, small linear expansion coefficient and high dimensional stability;

(4) High thermal stability, low specific heat coefficient and low thermal conductivity;

(5) Good electrical insulation performance;

(6) Excellent chemical resistance.

PET plastic packaging boxes can be found in various packaging fields, due to outstanding characteristics are blended PET plastic packaging box custom manufacturers are widely applied to clothing, food, mobile phone accessories, cosmetics and other packaging industries.

PET plastic box

Since PET is an environmentally friendly material, many businesses will choose PET materials to serve as packaging materials for food packaging, successfully solving the problem of packaging odors and the release of toxic substances when exposed to heat. In addition, the demand for PET plastic packaging in the baby products market is also increasing, which provides a great space for the development of PET. The development trend of the box instead of paper products, glass, etc. is also further evolved.