How Did The UV Problem Of Printing Transparent Plastic Box Come From?

- Dec 17, 2018-

The transparent plastic box was completely transparent from the beginning, but it will show different color depending on the raw material of the transparent plastic box. The transparent plastic box we saw is printed. Transparent plastic box is in the transparent plastic box printing will inevitably cause some problems with UV coating oil due to some factors. What are these problems? Check out the main problems below:

1. The brightness and gloss after UV glazing are not ideal. The main reason for this problem is that the viscosity of the UV varnish is too small, the coating is too thin; the surface of the transparent plastic box is not bright enough, the oil supply is insufficient or the surface is not dense, and the absorption is too strong.

A common solution is to make a primer first. In addition, avoid UV oil quality problems and use UV oil during the life of the product.

2. UV varnish adhesion is not good, oil can not be applied or hair. The main reason is that the additives in the printing ink are not suitable; the glued anilox roller mesh is too fine; the photocuring conditions are not suitable, the UV varnish viscosity is too small, the coating is too thin; the printing ink surface is crystallized; the ink surface is anti-adhesive Too much material (silicone oil, dusting).

The solution is that the coating roller should be ground and polished; the viscosity of the UV varnish is reduced, the coating amount is reduced; and the pressure is adjusted evenly.

3. UV varnish is incompatible with ink, with orange peel and streaks. The main performance is that the UV oil is coated on a certain ink bottom, and after curing, it is like orange peel, or although it can be coated uniformly without foaming, if it is scraped with a sharp object, the UV oil layer will be separated from the ink layer. The main reason for this problem is that the coating pressure is not uniform; the leveling property of the UV varnish is poor; the viscosity of the UV varnish is too high; the mesh of the rubberized anilox roll is too thick (the coating amount is too large), and the surface is not smooth.