How Did The Problem Of UV Polishing Of Transparent Printing Cartridges Come About?

- Dec 07, 2018-

Transparent cartridges are completely transparent at first, but they will show different color because of the different raw materials of transparent cartridges. We can see that the transparent cartridges with patterns are printed by printing process. Transparent cartridges are unavoidable in transparent cartridge printing because of some factors which lead to some problems in UV polishing oil. What are these problems? Here is an inventory of the main problems:

1. The brightness and luster of UV are not ideal. The main reason for this problem is that the UV gloss oil viscosity is too small and the coating is too thin; the surface of transparent cartridge is not bright enough, the oil supply is insufficient or the surface is rough and not compact, and the absorbability is too strong.

The common solution is to put the bottom oil first. In addition, the quality of UV oil and the use of UV oil during the effective period should be avoided.

2. The UV varnish has poor adhesion and cannot be coated or blossomed. The main reasons are inappropriate auxiliaries in printing ink, too thin screen of glue-coated roller, inappropriate curing conditions, too small viscosity of UV gloss oil, too thin coating, crystallization of printing ink surface, too many anti-sticking materials (silicone oil, powder spraying) on ink surface, etc.

The solution is to grind the coating roll fine and smooth, reduce the viscosity of UV gloss oil, reduce the amount of coating, and adjust the pressure evenly.

3. UV varnish is incompatible with ink and has orange peel and stripes. The main performance is that UV oil coated on a certain kind of ink base beads, cured like orange peel, or even without blistering coating, but if scraped with sharp tools, the UV oil layer will be separated from the ink layer. The main reasons for this problem are uneven coating pressure, poor leveling of UV polishing oil, high viscosity of UV polishing oil, too thick mesh line (too much coating) and unsmooth surface.

The solution is to first strike a layer of base oil, then coat the UV oil, or after spark treatment, then add the UV oil, and mix the appropriate amount of alcohol-based infrared light oil.