Green Plastic Box Became A Trend

- Apr 25, 2018-

      Manufacturers also make a big fuss about the practicality of packaging, avoiding the packaging of products to be inferior to the “beautiful rubbish” of waste paper. To remove the gifts in the packaging box, the packaging itself is also a commodity, and even has the value of collection. For example, the packaging of some household items is directly designed as a beautiful and practical storage box; glass bottles, ceramic products, and tin boxes are exquisitely crafted with various patterns and can be used as vases, tea sets, and handicrafts; packaging bags made of cotton, linen, and silk are used. After a few changes, it turned into a tray and a remote control bag.


      Green plastic box manufacturers introduced, in the paper packaging, as much as possible to reduce the number of layers of unnecessary packaging, reduce the porosity, reduce the application of printing, plastics. Such as through a clever structural design, "one-piece molding," without any additional items can be stuck goods, complete the packaging requirements.

      Only use genuine corrugated paper packaging to express product brand characteristics and performance in a graffiti way, thereby reducing printing materials and reducing environmental pollution. Individual products even developed paper packaging into DIY handmade products, unpacked them, and turned them into card cases, stationery boxes, etc., in contrast to the production methods.


      These return-to-nature, natural and healthy gift transparent packaging boxes and environmental plastic boxes are both beautiful and practical, unique and novel, and they also cater to the fashion trend of nostalgia and environmental protection.
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