Germany Successfully Developed Antimicrobial Plastic Food Packaging

- May 18, 2018-

According to overseas media reports, German scientists have recently successfully developed antibacterial plastic food packaging using medical expertise. The packaging is suitable for the packaging of liquid beverages such as milk and is an important change in the field of food packaging technology.

Bacteria are bred at the point of contact between food and packaging. To prevent the arrival of these uninvited guests, German scientists have recently used medical expertise to develop an antimicrobial plastic food packaging.

According to reports, this kind of packaging uses coating technology to add anti-corrosion antibacterial materials on the plastic packaging film to replace the preservatives added in the food. This kind of coating can be achieved by using composite resins and other substances as base materials and special technologies. This is an important change in food packaging. It can prevent food mildew from occurring without the use of food preservatives.