Factors And Control Methods For The Production Of Plastic Plastic Packaging

- Jul 04, 2018-

Viscous fluff can be printed with direct dyes and reactive dyes. The direct dye process is simple and the chromatography is complete, but the color light is relatively not bright enough and the color fastness is poor. At present, there are also some direct dyes with good color fastness, but the price is high, the active dye chromatography is complete, the color is bright, and the color fastness is good. However, reactive dyes generally emit color in alkaline conditions, so improper processing or operation can cause hair loss. Only a few reactive dyes are suitable for printing.

Nylon fluff is affinity to many dyes, direct, acidic, dispersed, and active. However, acid dyes and neutral dyes and a small amount of direct dyes are generally selected. There are also factories that use disperse dyes when making light colors. Therefore, each plant vacuum plastic packaging factory according to its own different production conditions and customer requirements to choose.

The pulverizing printing of the velvet cloth is divided into white and color pulverizing. Pulling white is the destruction of the hair color group of the flower-shaped partial dye on the velvet cloth with a reducing agent, and also the fluff is in its original appearance; Sopper.