Environmentally Friendly, Green, Non-toxic Plastic Packaging

- Jul 16, 2018-

The development of plastic packaging is mainly closely related to consumer life. At present, consumers are exposed to food packaging, medical supplies, skin care products packaging, and velvet health products plastic packaging. However, with the increasing demand for environmental protection and green in the plastic packaging industry, environmental protection and non-toxic technology has not only become a high technology for the development of the food packaging industry, but also has become an attractive emerging technology in the entire packaging industry.

There are many kinds of general packaging materials. From the perspective of plastic packaging materials, they mainly include: PVC, PP, PS, PET, PETG, and anti-static sheet materials. At present, the general goal and key task of the development of environmentally friendly non-toxic processing technology in China is to develop food, daily chemical and other industries. Environmental protection and non-toxic will become the focus of the current plastic packaging industry.