Environmental Glue Box Has Become A Popular Trend

- May 03, 2018-

The manufacturers do the same in the utility of packaging to avoid the product packaging as "beautiful garbage" that is not as good as waste paper. To remove the gift in the packing box, the packaging itself is also a commodity, and even the value of the collection. For example, the outer packaging of some household goods is directly designed as a beautiful and practical receiving box; glass bottles, ceramic products, and iron boxes are exquisitely made and varied in patterns. They can be used as vases, tea sets and crafts; the packaging bags made of cotton and linen, silk brocade, and after a slight change are changed into cartons, remote control bags.

Environmental protection plastic box manufacturers, on paper packaging, minimize unnecessary packaging layers, reduce porosity, reduce printing and glue applications. If ingenious structural design is adopted, "integral molding" can be done without attaching anything to complete the packaging requirements.

It only uses natural color corrugated paper packaging to express product brand characteristics and performance in graffiti way, thereby reducing printing materials and reducing environmental pollution. Some products even developed paper packaging into DIY handmade works, disassembled the packaging, and compared the production methods to the business card boxes, stationery boxes, etc.