Design Techniques Of The Grit Cake Rubber Box

- Apr 29, 2018-

When it comes to cake, it is a favorite food of the public, and it will be sweet to come to a sweet cake when it is happy or sad. The types of cake boxes are made of square boxes, round boxes, wedding cake boxes, etc. The design of the frosted cake glue box is also like other plastic box design methods, combining the colors, patterns and cultural connotations according to the characteristics of the products.

Grasp the color design of packaging, so that people can see that the packaging of plastic boxes can be associated with the products inside. But many enterprises have not shown the color of the cake packaging, so that they can not give full play to the promotional effect of the outer packing. A clear contrast between color and color can be achieved by using contrast techniques such as depth, shade, line and surface. It is also important to complete the color design and the pattern design on the package. The cake glue box is suitable for using warm tone as the bottom, which makes people feel more appetizing and warm. With the addition of flower and cartoon patterns, mounting can show the affinity of packaging.

A good frosted cake box will give people a desire to buy, and what is indispensable in this culture is cultural connotations. Make the packaging full of inner charm, let people enjoy the enjoyment brought by exquisite packaging and delicious food. The packaging full of vitality represents the brand color and culture of the enterprise, while creating a market for goods, and letting consumers understand enterprises. This is the glue box packing, the cake glue box packing.