Color Is An Important Factor In Packaging

- Jul 12, 2018-

With the development of color psychology, the research and application of color has entered the field of food science and food industry.Color is an important factor in the design of food packaging, colour collocation is proper food packaging will be particularly remarkable, at the same time consumers choose goods in the supermarket is also can leave deep impression, and promote the purchase behavior.

Color has the objective limitation of nationality, region, custom and abstinence, as well as the subjective assumption of education degree and cultural level.Such as living in the loess plateau and yunnan-guizhou plateau some minority nationalities or people in the remote mountainous areas, like gaudy some very bright colors, such as the prairie and their life background, mountain and bright-coloured colour displayed their vigorous vitality and love for life.And average city dweller, mostly favor quietly elegant, pure and fresh, lively color.Pepsi, marketed in the United States, failed in Japan, where yellow is a symbol of suffering and death, while Pepsi's trademark is predominantly yellow.

Second, color design must attract the attention of consumers.The first impression of human vision is the feeling of color.Color is also one of the most active and sensitive elements affecting visual perception.Good food and clever design is like the icing on the cake, in the international market, many vendors do not hesitate to spend heavily employ psychologists, design a compelling popular colour of the outer packing.

The application of color must reflect the characteristics of food, show the characteristics of food, and take into account the psychological needs and appreciation habits of consumers.Through application of reasonable color and color relationship, can easily show the food taste, such as the hard edge style of graphics, line type pattern in combination with cool colors to express the entrance crunchy foods.

Therefore, according to different requirements of color psychology, food packaging design can be targeted for manufacturers.The emotions of people of color will, however, as time continues and the aesthetic trend of change and change, so how to grasp the trend of fashion colour, design conforms to The Times of the appearance, strengthen food colour is the call of the force, maximum full play food color language features, believe is the most important factor in each food companies have to consider.