Choose Transparent Plastic Box Packaging

- Jul 17, 2018-

Choose transparent plastic box packaging

Transparent plastic box including PVC plastic box, PET plastic box and PP plastic box, etc., are plastic packaging products.Materials are mostly transparent (or can be made into non-transparent plastic boxes as required).Its advantage lies in its high durability and high transparency, which enables consumers to see products directly without opening the packaging, which helps increase the sales volume of products.

The following quality requirements must be noted when choosing transparent plastic box:

1. PVC and PET plastic boxes must be highly transparent.

2. PVC plastic box, PET plastic box and PP plastic box must have strong abrasion resistance and weather resistance, no defects on the surface and clear crystal.

3. The depth of the pressure line of glue box is average and moderate (too shallow will not fold easily;It is easy to disconnect if it is too deep.In particular, the leading RF flexible wire technology and Japan's patented wire pressing technology as the first choice.

4. Transparent plastic box adopts UV color printing, with strong color reduction, precise setting, exquisite and vivid color, no ink, no dirty point.

5. If special process is added, such as hot metal/silver, the surface shall not have holes, the sleeve position must be calibrated.

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