China's Maternal And Infant Market Will See An Increase In External Packaging

- Jul 18, 2018-

China's maternal and infant market will see an increase in external packaging

China's economic growth has slowed in recent years, but the size of the mother-to-child consumer market has not been affected.According to the latest report from the 21st century economic research institute, China's maternal and infant market has entered an era of rapid growth, with an estimated annual increase of over 30 billion yuan in maternal and infant consumption.With the comprehensive liberalization of the two-child policy, the consumption wave of the mother-infant market will be further driven, and China's trillion-yuan mother-infant market has entered the era of rapid growth.

With the rapid development of China's maternal and infant market, the demand for maternal and infant product packaging has also increased.The demand for transparent plastic boxes in the mother-baby market will also grow.Transparent plastic box is widely used in the mother-baby market, such as milk bottles, skin care products, children's shoes and other products.After 46 years of precipitation and accumulation, the new cooperation transparent plastic box can meet various needs of customers for external packaging.

The rapid expansion of the 18th CBME China pregnancy and baby show and children's wear show is due to the soaring demand of the mother-baby market.The on-site exhibition area has increased to 223,305 square meters, and 3,673 maternity and infant brands from 2,366 high-quality exhibitors from around the world have participated in the exhibition, 32% of which are from overseas, and more than 85,000 professional visitors have attended the exhibition.We will show the charm of transparent plastic box on the CBME platform and provide professional transparent packaging design scheme for customers.