Characteristics Of Plastic Box Printing

- Jul 10, 2018-

Characteristics of plastic box printing

The performance of PVC, PTE and PP of the plastic box raw materials determines the quality of printing ink. Only the raw materials with good performance can obtain a better printing color effect.Therefore, correct understanding of performance and the relationship between the print color glue box, according to characteristics of printing products, process conditions, reasonable choose high quality raw materials for printing, have important practical significance to improve the quality of products.

1. The relationship between the smoothness of glue box and the color effect

Smoothness is plastic box surface concave and convex degree evaluation of technical indicators, represent the box surface flat, smooth and uniform degree of physical quantities, namely, under the certain condition of vacuum, a certain volume of air, from the plastic box under certain pressure between the test sample surface and the smooth glass surface flow through the time required to measure, its unit in seconds.The higher the number of seconds, the smoother the glue box.Plastic box of smoothness, the better, when printing contact between the plate and the surface of materials, is more uniform and complete, layout (relief) or the ink on the rubber cloth layer transfer are more fully, print color effect is better.Conversely, plastic box of raw materials with poor smoothness, ink transfer uneven, inadequate, and raw materials for surface permeability is strong, the amount of ink color effect is bad, often easy to make print inky hair flower, hair light.Therefore, the more fine products are printed, the smaller the net wire and the smaller the dot diameter, the more smooth plastic box raw materials should be used to print, so that the original manuscript can be reproduced well.

2. The relationship between the glossiness of glue box and the color effect

The glossiness of glue box refers to the degree of mirror reflection on the surface of glue box, expressed by percentage.The higher the gloss of the box, the more reflective the surface can be like a mirror, and the brighter the appearance.In fact, in addition to the mirror reflection on the surface of the plastic box, there is also diffuse reflection, so that the glossiness of the glue box decreased.The material of glue box with high glossiness, the ink color of printing products is more bright, the visual effect of ink color is better.It can be said that the smoother the glue box raw materials, the higher gloss, the color of the printing products more gloss.The glossiness of glue box raw materials is closely related to the smoothness, but the glossiness is not the smoothness. The glossiness of glue box raw materials is not necessarily the smooth surface.According to the characteristics of the glossiness of the glue box raw materials, it is of great practical significance to choose the suitable glue box raw materials for printing according to the characteristics of the printing pieces.If the layout of the text - based books and periodicals text, it is advisable to choose the general gloss of the paper, so as to avoid reflection, so that the eyes will not be tired for a long time to see.And printing to the plate - based layout, it is advisable to choose high gloss PVC, PET, PP materials, so that printing ink uniform, thick, bright and pleasing to the eye.