Blister Packaging Can Better Win The Beauty Of The Girl's Heart

- May 16, 2018-

    The most inseparable from the girls in addition to mobile phones and cosmetics, cosmetics can make us more confident with people, and bought so many cosmetics you have not noticed the cosmetics packaging?

    Cosmetic blister packaging to achieve the noble effect of luxury, usually using gold, silver and other colors, as a transparent packaging decoration. And the basic color is more milky white. Past glass packaging can achieve very limited color, so plastic factory plastic Packaging has become the main form of choice. There are two main ways for manufacturers to obtain plastic colors: one is to spray UV paint or pigments on the surface; the other is to develop new resin mixtures. Some packaging products manufacturers have devoted themselves to the development for years. Performance resin products. Today, Toly can be molded directly from new materials to give products that have a metallic appearance or pearl color, or have a neon glitter effect. These rich color effects can only be achieved with heavy metal filling when using glass packaging. Can be achieved, and the types of colors are very limited.

    No one product can pay more attention to the aesthetics of packaging than cosmetics. But in practice there are still a lot of problems worth considering: cost-saving pressures, providing more protection for products, and high-performance alternative materials.

    In fact, even the cosmetics of big-name well-known brands also face cost considerations. Glass occupies the perfume bottle market in large quantities, but it is mainly based on plastic covers because plastic is more economical than metal. Instead of plastic, glass is actually reduced in cost. One of the main factors. Thanks to the ease of processing of plastics and the promotion of new materials, it has been able to achieve the same transparent effects of glass packaging, and the formability is better, and the design of complex structures is also easier to implement. New plastic materials can be directly Forming, and has a unique color effect, so that processing costs significantly reduced. Because of this, the application of plastics in the cosmetics field is gradually increasing.

    Undoubtedly, plastic packaging is now occupying the position of glass in the field of cosmetics. The attractive packaging effect has become a hot spot that many brands attach great importance to. After all, this is still a look at the value of the world, at a glance the effect of inferiority still exists.