Beauty Plastic Box

- Dec 11, 2018-

        The use of plastic transparent packaging boxes for beauty and cosmetics has shown a tendency to enlarge in recent years. The plastic boxes are following the products. Before the earliest, foreign beauty brands occupied more than half of the domestic market, and foreign brands were in the brand. In terms of construction, it is still in the design, it has caused a lot of pressure on domestic counterparts. However, a few years ago, these conditions have reversed and a qualitative change has taken place. Among the brands of skin care brands, some old and new brands in Shanghai and Guangzhou are not only catching up with the foreign brands, but also some domestic brands. It has already reached the forefront of the international market. Before this change, the Chinese people and the world questioned the Chinese makeup brand.

        Whether it is domestic or foreign brands, in fact, many beauty products are produced in China. With the improvement of consumption level, Chinese people have higher requirements for quality of life. The brand is built from outside to inside. The company has always been the subject of the first place. From research and development, the quality of the products is at the forefront, and the packaging inside and outside has a very significant weight. These companies work together with plastic box manufacturers and design companies for one purpose: how to create their own unique brand effect in appearance temperament.

        In this respect, Chinese brands are undoubtedly doing a better job, from the plastic box packaging design of goods to the external advertising investment, forming a multi-faceted coordinated combat effect, which makes consumers feel refreshed and left behind. deep impression. Judging from the products of the toiletries, the previous foreign brands such as Head & Shoulders have always occupied the top spot of such consumption in China. Now, we have to check the relevant data and found that it is already a yellow flower yesterday, and the scenery is not there. This undoubtedly has a lot to do with the marketing and positioning of these brands. When the domestic market has undergone earth-shaking changes, these brands are not constantly changing. For more than a decade, there has been no qualitative change in the quality of the interior and the external packaging. On the other hand, the domestic shampoo brand, regardless of the external packaging and publicity, is highly targeted, not a net. This allowed them to grab a lot of market share from foreign brands in just a few years.

        The dispute between domestic brands and foreign brands has little impact on the plastic box packaging industry. Because both of them require a box, the difference is that the design of the package and the things that you want to convey are different.