Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plastic Technology

- Apr 24, 2018-

The advantages and disadvantages of plastic technology:


Advantages: 1) The cost of the mold is lower than that of injection molding, and it is suitable for production with smaller batches.


  2) A mold can be made of different materials and thickness products.


Disadvantages: 1) There is a limitation on the shape of the tray and only hemispherical trays can be produced.


2) The dimensional accuracy of the product is worse than injection molding.

 Blister process classification


1) According to the mold used: plastic molds are mainly punch and mold blister 2 kinds.


The advantages of the die: The inner surface (A surface) is not in contact with the mold, so the surface is smooth, suitable for parts of the refrigerator, freezer cabinet, etc. with the inner surface for the use of the surface; In addition, under the premise of ensuring the size of the inner surface, the plate The thickness can be reduced, saving material and easy molding.


Disadvantages: The mold size parameter is not easy to grasp, the internal dimension of the mold is easy to expand, and the difficulty is reduced. When the plastic is sucked, the bamboo frame plate is also needed to supply the auxiliary forming tooling.


Advantages of punch: Mold size is easy to reduce, B surface smooth, suitable for car dashboard and other parts required to expose B surface.


Disadvantages: The material thickness is thicker than that of the concave mold, the uv power material is stretched, and the A surface is rough, while the freezer refrigerator liner or the bathtub requires the A surface to be smooth.


2) Press board, sheet thickness:


At present, there are mainly two types of plastic processing on the market. One is blister processing with a thickness of 2.5mm or less. It is generally formed by coiling. The other is the thickness of 3 ~ 12mm, the general use of sheet metal forming. The machines used in these two kinds of processing are different, so when looking for suppliers, it is necessary to pay attention to distinguishing the spray gun's production ability.