Why does the PET printing plastic box have a lot of smell?

- May 09, 2018-

PET plastic products would have some flavors, some of which are deliberately added during the processing of plastics, some of which are added by the plastics in processing engineering, and some other additives, which will emit certain odors and require It will be distributed for a long time; the printing process will also have a taste, mainly the volatile solvent in the printing ink. After these solvents are evaporated, the ink will dry.

If the plastic box has just printed odor, after a period of time (a few days or a week or two) the odor is gone, it is that the solvent in the ink is emitted;

If the plastic box has a taste before printing, and after the printing, smells for a long time (a few months), that means the taste of the plastic box during processing.

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