What kind of product packaging for PVC plastic box?

- Mar 21, 2018-

One of the fields of wide application of PVC glue box is that digital products are mainly embodied in:All kinds of mobile phone leather case, protective shell packaging box, flat leather case, Bluetooth box, headset packing box, earphone packaging box, U disk transparent package box, mobile power box, parts packaging box, mini audio box, etc.

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Material: transparent PVC film;

Style and printing: various styles, viscose, buckle type, can be used for exquisite UV offset printing, screen printing, bronzing, hot silver and other printing methods, and high cycle, concave and convex characters.

PVC glue box is the advantage of product packaging.

PVC box transparent box touch feel good, the box body exquisite class high, can improve the value-added of the product; more important is to promote and promote the image of the enterprise.

Under the beautiful packaging, products still enable customers to clearly see the true colors of products. Its transparency is a highly value-added promotional tool with great publicity effect.

PVC box sound without printing transparent box, the inside of the product, consumers can quickly glance, attract the attention of consumers; PET box can UV offset printing exquisite patterns, or out of the ordinary bronzing or hollow way printed on the outside of the box pattern effect.

PVC transparent box is an international trend of packaging, is your product should also consider the change trend of the wedding dress.