What is the superiority of PVC folding box packaging products?

- Apr 27, 2018-

1. Intuitiveness: Most of the products are made of new transparent materials, so that they can give their products an intuitive display opportunity and improve the appearance of the product;

2. Benefits: Compared with other packaging products, the folding box products have superior advantages in manufacturing cost and production speed, and their cost performance is relatively high;

3. Convenience: The use of folding box packaging, simple assembly, to provide their own finished packaging provides great convenience, whether it is small-scale production or out of the cabinet, all for the work efficiency is not small;

4. Advantages: PVC folding box packaging products can be screen printed offset hot stamping hot silver directly on the surface, zui large display of the charm of the product, more intuitive and effective product image shaping, increase product added value, become the guide packaging Trend of international, fashionable packaging means.

5. Soft and easy to fold

6. Packaging and save time

7. Founder straight

8. Strong support

9. Save labor costs and effectively increase your product value

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