What is the suction?

- May 03, 2018-

Plastic processing: a plastic processing technology, the main principle is the flat plastic hard sheet after heating and softening, the use of vacuum adsorption on the mold surface, cooling after forming, widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration and other industries.

Blister packaging: plastic products are produced by blister process, and the products are packaged by corresponding equipment. Blister packaging products include: bubble shell, tray, plastic box, synonyms are: vacuum hood, bubble cap and so on. Blister packaging equipment mainly includes: blister forming machine, punching machine, sealing machine, high frequency machine, folding machine. The packaged products can be divided into: plug-in card, suction card, double bubble shell, half bubble shell, folding shell, seventy percent off bubble shells, etc.

Bubble shell: the use of plastic technology to make transparent plastic hard slices of a specific convex shape of transparent plastic, cover the surface of the product, to protect and beautify the product. Also known as a bubble mask and a vacuum cover

Pallet: also called the plastic inner support, using plastic technology to make plastic hard pieces of plastic into specific grooves, put the product in the groove, to protect and beautify the product.

Flocking inner support: it is a kind of plastic tray with special material, which will stick a layer of plush material on the surface of the ordinary plastic hard piece, so that the pallet has a feeling of plush on the surface of the tray, which is used to improve the grade of the packing.

Antistatic pallet: it is a special plastic material tray, the material surface resistance value is less than 10 of the 11 Power ohms. It is mainly used for the plastic tray of electronic and IT products.

Blister mold: plastic mold production, the lowest cost is plaster mold, followed by electroplating copper mold, the most expensive is aluminum mold. The mold is drilled with small holes, which are used for vacuum adsorption and thermalization of hard sheets to form Blister products.

Plastic molding: it is the plastic that we often talk about. The plastic hard piece which is softened by the molding machine is adsorbed on the surface of the mold. After cooling, it forms the concave and convex shape of the plastic.

Plastic cutting: plastic products after the plastic molding, through the punching machine, the large sheet of material is cut into a single product.

Folding: one of the plastic packages is called a card package. It is necessary to fold the three edges of the bubble shell to the back, so that the paper card is inserted into the fold in the next package process to form a card package.

Heat seal seal: it is a blister packaging process. The sealing card is used to heat the paper cards coated with blister oil on the surface to form suction card packaging.

High frequency seal: it is a blister packaging process. It produces high frequency with high frequency machine, and the bubbles and shells are bonded together to form a double bubble shell package.

Ultrasonic seal: is a plastic packaging technology, ultrasonic machine produces ultrasonic, the bubble shell and the bubble shell together, forming a double bubble shell packaging, unlike high frequency sealing, ultrasonic can not only seal PVC, PETG material, but also seal the PET material, and there is no electromagnetic damage to the packaged products, especially suitable The packaging of electronic products is that the ultrasonic sealing can only be punctuated by intervals, and generally only one straight edge is enclosed at the same time.