What is PVC Folding Box Packaging?

- May 04, 2018-

PVC folding box packaging is green and environment-friendly, and the product display effect is direct, which improves the product grade and improves the added value; it is highly recognized by the industries of cosmetics, infants and young children.

PVC plastic box manufacturers bonding process: plastic packaging adhesive process is based on the different material choice of different bonding methods, such as PVC packaging box bonding is generally ordinary glue, the advantage is to landing the old books, and their own PVC box Bonding is relatively easy; the PET box bonding method is generally UV glue + UV light shines, because the PET box is the most difficult to glue the box; PP box adhesive method is generally PUR glue, characterized by Will not blanch, of course, can use ordinary glue adhesion. In addition to applying glue bonds, plastic packaging boxes can also use high frequency, ultrasonic bonding methods.

PET boxes are used for the packaging of various gifts, accessories, toys, hardware and electronics, makeup and skin care products, hairdressing products, automotive products, daily necessities, clothing accessories, shoes, household items and high-grade wines; plastic transparent and translucent packaging are high-grade and exquisite. The customer can intuitively see the goo

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