What are the PVC soft rubber printing substrate?

- Apr 29, 2018-

This series of inks are suitable for all types of plastic packaging films such as:

1. Heat-shrinkable PVC film used to package product labels for PCT beverage bottles and other plastic or paper products.

2. Thermal shrinkage does not dry soft adhesive printing paper, such as imitation wood wallpaper, window towel paper and so on.

3. Soft PVC soft printing cloths such as raincoats, tablecloths and shower caps.

Features of PVC soft printing

1. Excellent heat and shrinkage properties, high ink flexibility.

2. Excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance on PVC film containing plasticizer.

3. The solvent used in the ink will not attack or dissolve the PVC film.

4. Good pressure resistance, especially for PVC plastic soft printing cloths (such as raincoats and tablecloths) with high ink content of plasticizers.

5. Low odor, suitable for general food packaging.

6. Printing performance is good, fast drying.