What are the plastic moulds

- May 03, 2018-

According to the classification of plastic suction molds from simple to complex, they can be divided into four types:

1, plaster mould: it is mainly used for drawing and drawing, which is the cheapest and fastest to be finished in the mold, but the practical value is not high. It can't be used in mass production and is easily broken.

2, copper mold: the most popular application in the plastic industry, why so, because the structure of the copper mold is filled with plaster inside the copper plating, the most affordable in the economic value, and can meet the needs of plastic products in many industries, but also more durable, but the lack of the appearance of the finished product still has a certain appearance. Defects, especially those with buckle products, are prone to buckle.

3, black gold mold: black gold mold is also called as a resin mold, in the industry is now more and more widely used, its characteristics are durable, especially prominent in the processing of water lines, but in the economic value of the copper model is more than one to two times, for its relatively high, and order quantity of customers use.

4, aluminum mold: for the aluminum mold many used master will say, in this industry the best use of this mold, why, because the structure of the aluminum mold is solid aluminum, meaning that the die from outside to the inside are made of aluminum to complete, and one point is that the aluminum mold is completed by the computer design, the size requirements. It can be quite precise. It has advantages in small products, electronic products, toys and medical products, and the aluminum mould will not shrink. It can be said to be perfect in size, but it has advantages and disadvantages. Why, because the price of aluminum mold in the plastic industry is the most expensive, some products can be more than 10 times the price of copper. The price of the model.

So in the production of plastic products, the plastic suction manufacturers and customers must first understand what kinds of moulds are plastic, according to the requirements of the product and order requirements, the rational choice of which type of plastic mold to use, in order to achieve the best state.