What are the features of the transparent rubber box?

- Apr 24, 2018-

         Transparent glue box is made by printing, indentation, folding, glue (hot melt) glue box, forming and so on. Therefore, it is more accurate to call it "folding box". Compared with the traditional paper box, the transparent adhesive box has obvious advantages and characteristics:

The transparent plastic box has the following characteristics compared to the traditional carton:

1, without opening the package, you can clearly see the product in the package, and once the carton is opened, it must be purchased, otherwise it will directly affect the two sale.

2. The glue box is dampproof, dustproof, and waterproof. The maximum protection of the goods is in the best state. The cartons will be deformed and damaged when they meet water, which directly damage the products and cause huge losses.

3, rubber box anti-corrosion, anti acid and alkali, anti oil, and prevent most of the daily life of the solvent, really let the packaging achieve the purpose of protecting the product. Once the carton meets the above solvent, it will be seriously damaged and hurt the product.

4, rubber box with light weight, small size, high strength, resistance to scraping, resistance to impact; the same is the 100 thousand packing box, transparent glue box only a car can be transported, and cartons, no five or six transport vehicles, basically do not go.

5, the glue box can make bright and beautiful appearance effect, make the consumer produce more positive psychological appeal and desire for your product, and the carton to make the same effect, the cost should turn several times.

6, plastic box packaging can be used as a mobile advertising card for a long time, let consumers recognize your brand! Increase the awareness and loyalty of consumers! And cartons are easily deformed and damaged.