What are the factors affecting the price of environmental protection pet cartridges?

- May 08, 2018-

There are many factors that affect the price of pet cartridges for environmental protection, such as material type and thickness, size, quantity, and printing process.

1. As we all know, the unit price of environmental protection pet plastic box packaging is higher than that of paper packaging box. Commonly used PVC, PET, PP, APET material prices will be somewhat different, in general: material type and thickness is one of the main reasons affecting the price of transparent plastic box.

2. The amount of material consumed for environmental protection pet cartridges will vary. When the number of plastic boxes is large, the size of the transparent plastic box will also affect the number of print impositions, so the printing costs will also be different.

3, the number of pet cartridges needed for different environmental protection will have different prices, and when there are more, the production cost will be evenly distributed to each box, and vice versa.

4, such as transportation, tax rates, etc. will not repeat them.

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