What are the characteristics of PET?

- May 09, 2018-

PET is a milky white or highly crystalline yellow polymer with a smooth and shiny surface. Creep resistance, fatigue resistance, friction resistance and dimensional stability, abrasion resistance is small, hardness is high, and it has the highest toughness among thermoplastics; good electrical insulation performance, low temperature influence, but poor corona resistance. Non-toxic, weather resistant, chemical resistant, stable, low water absorption, resistant to weak acids and organic solvents, but resistant to alkali and heat resistance. 

    The PET resin has a high glass transition temperature, a slow crystallization rate, a long molding cycle, a long molding cycle, a poor dimensional stability, a large molding shrinkage, a brittleness in the crystallization molding, and a low heat resistance. --Dongguan PET release film is improved by nucleating agent and crystallizer and glass fiber. In addition to PBT, PET has the following features:

1. Flexural strength 200MPa, elastic modulus 4000MPa, creep resistance and fatigue resistance are also very good, high surface hardness, mechanical properties and thermosetting plastics are similar; --PET film

2. Since the ethylene glycol used in the production of PET is almost half as cheap as the butylene glycol used in the production of PBT, PET resin and reinforced PET are among the lowest in engineering plastics, and they have a very high price/performance ratio. --Dongguan polyester film

3. Heat distortion temperature and long-term use temperature are the highest among thermoplastic general engineering plastics;

4. Because of the high heat resistance, the enhanced PET is immersed in a solder bath at 250°C for 10 seconds, and it is hardly deformed or discolored. It is particularly suitable for preparing soldered electronic and electrical parts.

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