What are the characteristics of offset printing?

- May 08, 2018-

What are the characteristics of offset printing? Offset printing adopts automatic assembly line operations, automatic computer control, roller printing of the printing tower, and automatic transmission of the optical discs on the conveyor belt. In order to avoid mixing different types of discs, BASLER R2 is automatically detected at the input. Offset printing is based on different proportions of the white background and the four main basic colors (black, blue, red, and yellow) to match a variety of printing colors. The depth of each color is determined by the length of the printing time, the printing pressure, and the printing temperature. The longer the printing time, the darker the color; the greater the printing pressure, the darker the color; and the higher the printing temperature, the darker the color.

1. Offset printing has high efficiency, high quality and low cost compared with screen printing.

1. High efficiency. Offset printing adopts full-automatic streamlined operation, the machine automatically adjusts color, the computer automatically monitors, and the speed is fast, and 15,000 sheets can be printed per hour.

2. High quality. Computer fine-tuning, accurate color, high position accuracy.

3. The color effect is good. Varnish for printing, glossy color, smooth surface, clear printing effect, not easy to fade.

4. Low cost. Offset printing uses roller printing, with thin print layers and less oil.

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