UV Printing Introduction

- May 09, 2018-

UV printing is one of the printing methods. Compared to ink drying, UV ink is used for printing, and UV light irradiation is used to make each color ink dry instantaneously after passing UV light, which makes CMYK four-color superposition clearer. The inks will fuse with each other, blurring the picture, and are mainly suitable for plastic materials. Because the plastic material does not absorb ink and because the cost is high, it is not suitable for printing paper.

UV printing is relative to ink quick-drying, is the use of UV ink printing, coupled with UV light irradiation, so that each color ink in the instant after UV light drying, making CMYK four-color overlay more clearly, will not allow ink to fuse, Make the picture fuzzy.

UV printing is mainly applicable to plastic materials, because the plastic material does not absorb ink and due to the high cost does not apply to printing paper. Compared with traditional offset printing, UV printing has bright colors, special printing materials and novel products. It is suitable for high-end business card boutique packaging, high-end business albums, special desk calendars, and special label printing products.

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