Trends in the confectionery packaging industry

- Apr 28, 2018-

In recent years, the domestic technical experts in the introduction of cooperative autonomous original candy has made gratifying achievements, in the aspect of candy equipment has introduced inflatable colloid jelly candy production line automatic line transient boiling ultrathin membrane vacuum unit cotton candy production line, etc.

Packaging machinery have single kink folding packaging machine, high speed pillow packing machine machine has multi-function design and color of chocolate chocolate equipment such as pouring line composite product automatic line extrusion line for chocolate chocolate chocolate packaging of fine grinding machine and so on many fast functionalization is an important trend of the development of new equipment, because the more kinds of candy variety updates fast, the manufacturer is a multifunctional adaptable to the requirement of equipment such as the newly developed chocolate composite product automatic line will have a production of multi-functional compound chocolate and candy coating products

, the whole production line can produce a various sugar core and the high quality laminated composite chocolate, such as forming part of the front, only can produce nougat toffee rectangular breed such as Swiss sugar candy, such as using the backend part coating, can be a variety of products to meet the demand of the surface coating.