Transparent plastic packaging design points

- May 04, 2018-

The use of transparent plastic packaging box can play a role in the beautification of the goods, and it will also promote the sales of the packaging. There are also many products that use the packaging to sell. To be able to truly reflect the characteristics of the packaging and play a role in the packaging must be carefully Design concept. How is the transparent plastic box designed? What kind of secret is there in this design? The following small series will reveal the answer for everyone.

1. The choice of materials. The quality of the material can directly affect the quality of the package. If the quality of the material on the surface of the package is a problem, it will affect the appearance of the package. The material selection of the blister packaging box must be selected according to the use of the packaging. The packaging used on the sales is better to choose a better material.

2. The formulation of the blister packaging box mold, the mold is in accordance with the customer's quality requirements to produce molds, good packaging products also have a good quality mold.

3. Blister molding, after the mold production to the production stage, the production of the temperature adjustment and production parameters of the product, supervise the customer to the plastic packaging box product quality.

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