Transparent plastic box is the direction of future packing box

- Mar 21, 2018-

As the name suggests is a transparent box packing box transparent packing box with PVC/PP/PET, is made of transparent materials and the appearance can be observed in loading the goods inside the packing box, the classification can be divided by material: PVC transparent PP transparent packing box, packing box, pet transparent box etc.; can also use by: infant supplies series of transparent packaging, electronic products series series of transparent transparent packaging, cosmetics packaging, daily necessities series clothing series transparent box, transparent box, transparent box tableware series, stationery series of transparent packaging, toys series transparent packing box and so on; its characteristic is packaging durability, moisture-proof, waterproof, toughness high transportation, strong safety performance, improve product quality.

Transparent packing box material

Transparent packaging materials: PP, PET, PVC, PP material is characterized by strong toughness, environmental protection material, a smooth matte PP, PP, PP, PET material is twill; the market for most of the material, which is characterized by high transparency, packing box, beautiful appearance, strong appearance; PVC material for daily necessities packaging products.

There are many kinds of transparent packaging boxes. When designing, we should pay attention to the weight and category of packaging products, especially the design of the linked boxes of transparent packages, and the design of buckles. There is also a reasonable design for long and wide.

Application of transparent packing box

The application of transparent packaging boxes is extensive. The application of the domestic market has been widely promoted, especially in the use of infant products, electronic products and daily necessities, and has been well developed.

1, the transparent PVC glue box lets the consumer see your product, use the transparent glue box to pack the product more easily to popularize your product

2, transparent PVC glue box lets your product stand out on the shelves full of messy goods

3, transparent PVC box can better display your product and leave a more profound image for customers.

4, transparent PVC glue box makes your product more attractive, add value added to your product

5, transparent PVC glue box can improve the infectivity of the product more.

6, transparent PVC glue box can better show the features of your product and the positioning of the product in the market.

7, transparent PVC box can effectively promote the sales of seasonal products, especially gifts and holiday gift suits and other products.

According to the current packaging industry to analyze the future development trend of the market, packaging, packaging will be applied to daily necessities packaging, cosmetics packaging, cosmetics packaging, gift packaging, toy packaging, electronic product packaging, metal packaging, underwear packaging, shoes package etc..