Transparent plastic box features

- May 07, 2018-

Transparent plastic boxes are also called plastic boxes. The transparent plastic box is mainly used as the outer packaging of the product. Because the transparent body is transparent and the product inside the plastic box can be visually seen, the transparent plastic box is widely adopted. Transparent plastic box is the collective name for related plastic products such as folding boxes, cylinders, heaven and earth cover boxes, hand bag, and hanging cards. The transparent plastic box can be used in UV printing, silk screen printing, bronzing/silver printing process. , frosted and other printing effects. Guangzhou Lihui plastic box plastic packaging materials factory production of transparent plastic box is commonly used in three materials: PVC, PET / APET, PP. Other not commonly used materials are PE, PS, PC, ABS, PETG, etc., which PET and APET are both green and environmentally friendly materials. Because of their environmental protection, they are widely used in digital, food, and clothing packaging.

The role of transparent plastic box 1, transparent plastic box packaging effect, plastic varieties, easy to color, bright color, according to the need to make different types of packaging containers, to obtain the best packaging effect. 2, easy to mold, as long as the replacement of the mold, you can get different varieties of containers, and easy to form mass production. 3, have better corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, impact resistance, and have good mechanical strength. 4, transparent plastic box packaging can be used transparently, you can not open the package, you can see the product style inside the package. 5, transparent plastic box packaging can design a variety of color patterns, design different shapes, in order to improve product quality and improve product competitiveness. 6, transparent plastic box can be made of environmentally friendly materials, can be applied to all types of environmental protection, food packaging. Transparent plastic box production standard 1, the correct release of the draft is coreldraw file, special effects into a bitmap, text, symbols, patterns must be turned into a curve. 2, the manuscript needs to mark a clear size, knife grinding line 3, thickness: 0.150.75mm (15 wire -75 wire or 6 # -30#) 4, printing: offset printing; screen printing; silk screen matte; full version Or local UV effect (color onion effect); bronzing hot silver (laser hot, color paper hot); convex convex effect. 5, soft line technology: to ensure that the folding box is easy to fold, packaging, time-saving, box-shaped, quite and beautiful. 6. Bonding method: The viscose can ensure that the PP/PET viscose is not white and does not stick; 7. Ultrasonic welding can adopt different bonding models to make the bonding edge more beautiful. 8. Packaging: Packed in flat packs and wrapped with a shrink protective film to ensure that the product has scratches, bending deformations, and other undesirable conditions during transportation. It also reduces transportation costs.

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