Transparent plastic box composition how to grasp?

- Apr 27, 2018-

1) Thickness comparison of composition techniques for transparent packaging: The so-called “thickness contrast” refers to the color used in the composition process and the style formed by the color composition pattern. Some contrasts between the main pattern and the foil pattern contrast with the contrast between the main pattern and the foil pattern; some are the contrast between the center pattern and the background pattern; some are rough and rough, and the other side is exquisitely fine and delicate; some use the wild grass calligraphy to replace the pattern. This can be seen anywhere and anytime in some alcoholic and food packaging.

2) Comparing the distances between the composition techniques and landscape paintings, the composition of the landscape paintings of the Chinese paintings will be studied in the medium and long-range perspectives. In the design of the transparent packaging box, the same principle should also be used for the composition layers of several kinds of screens near the COSCO Group.

3) Contrast density of composition techniques: Speaking of the contrast of composition techniques, this is very similar to the complication of the use of colors, and it is also the same as the whiteness of Chinese paintings. That is, the place where the pattern is concentrated must be diffused. Fighting should not be concentrated or spread.

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