Transparent packaging plastic box: improve the quality of starting from raw materials!

- May 04, 2018-

Transparent packaging plastic box is a kind of packaging box, refers to the PPC, PVC, PET / APET as a material, after printing, die-cutting, sticking box and a series of processes processed product packaging box. Compared with other cartons and other packaging, the plastic box has the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxicity, high transparency, and more intuitive display of the packaged products, which can effectively improve the product packaging grade.

Transparent packaging plastic box raw materials PVC, PTE, PP's performance determines the quality of printing ink, only the good performance of raw materials, in order to obtain better print product color effect. Therefore, a correct understanding of the relationship between the performance of the plastic box and the color of the printed product, according to the characteristics of the printed product and the process conditions, reasonably selecting high-quality raw materials for printing, has important practical significance for improving product quality.

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