Transparent packaging box advantages

- May 07, 2018-

The transparent plastic box is a transparent packaging box that is made of transparent materials such as PVC, PET, and PP. From the outside of the box, you can see the products inside the box.

According to the material, it can be divided into PVC plastic box, PET plastic box, PP plastic box, etc.; can also be divided according to use: baby supplies series transparent packaging box, stationery series transparent packaging box, cosmetics series transparent packaging box, daily necessities series transparent packaging box, Clothing series transparent packaging box, tableware series transparent packaging box, hardware packaging, underwear packaging, shoe bag packaging, etc., which is characterized by durable packaging, moisture, waterproof, high transparency, strong transport safety; transparent plastic boxes can increase the product Attractiveness, added value, and infectiousness can be very effective in promoting the launch of seasonal products, especially summer gift sets.

Transparent packaging box materials include: PVC, PET, PP, etc. PP material is characterized by hard, environmentally friendly materials, glossy PP, matte PP, twill PP, etc.; PET material is the most commonly used materials in the market, its characteristics are High transparency, translucent packaging, straight appearance, PVC materials are used for transparent packaging of daily necessities.