Today for you to answer the production steps of the packing box

- Apr 24, 2018-

         There are several steps to the formation of packaging boxes, and every step of the production process is not allowed to be wrong. First, we need to do plate making, make sure the color of the appearance, spot color and four colors. The next is the determination of the material of the glue box. The different material of the rubber box has different properties, and the special effects are different. For example: PP, PVC, PET these three, thickness, environmental protection, heat resistance and so on, there are many differences. Generally, we choose the right material according to the needs of our customers. Followed by the appearance of printing, through the design of the Department's molding, color layout, to show the most beautiful appearance. The printing process must be strictly controlled, and the color of the printed effect should be carefully examined. The color difference and the starting point will affect the appearance of the plastic box. Then there are surface treatments, such as over gloss, UV and so on. Important process steps: beer, for the knife mold debugging, must be accurate, accurate, can not appear beer skew, or beer bad, treatment of the box has failed. Some plastic box packaging also needs to be mounted, aiming at the protection of the plastic box packaging, so as to prevent the appearance of the plastic box from scratching. This is all the process of forming the plastic box. Finally, it is packed and delivered to the customer's hand.