Three elements of PP packing box packaging

- Apr 28, 2018-

Molding of glue box

Whether the shape of the product package matches the product depends on the designer's cognition and understanding of the elements of point, line, surface and three-dimensional. PP plastic box modeling is usually based on cube, rectangle, cylinder and other geometric figures. The main shape is still based on the basic form of the product. The new plastic box modeling will bring the visual guidance to the consumers. The unique shape of the PP packing box will increase the time for the consumers to stay on the product. Leave a mark in the heart of the consumer. So when we think about modeling, we should design it from the perspective of form beauty. In accordance with their own characteristics and form aesthetics, we can get the perfect and unified image of glue box.

Color of glue box

Color no matter in nature or packaging industry occupies an important role, the world without color is an incomplete world, packaging design is the same, with color decorative box tasting will be favored by people, in addition to the consumer is a visual impact, but also into the product and consumers. Distance. The color of the rubber box is based on people's Association and color habit, and the idea of packaging and the addition of pattern words are added. At the same time, the evenness and evenness of the color are required to meet the requirements.

PP packaging decoration design color should be bright and eye - catching, strong contrast, usually using single or multiple colors to add to the packaging, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the product, allowing consumers to produce the desire to buy products, increase sales. Different products need to be designed with different colors. Designers should study the consumer's visual preferences and changing trends, and get color packaging information from the packaging market.

PP abrasive box

The packaging materials are used in the packaging of PP packaging materials. The texture and texture of the materials are most vividly displayed on the PP frosted plastic package. It often affects the ornamental effect of product packaging. Using the surface change or texture of the material and printing it with environmental protection printing ink, we finally get a pleasing packaging product.