The three elements of the packing box

- Apr 28, 2018-

Color packing box

In the packaging market, the consumer mainly through the vision to determine whether a commodity can achieve the purchase requirements, so according to this characteristic designers need to understand and use the packaging box color to grasp and use the full understanding, only such a packaging product can become the buyer's preferred commodity. The product packaging box can extract solid color from the merchandise to design the color of the box body, so that the product and packaging can reach a high degree of consistency. It is like the cosmetic packing box produced by the manufacturer of the packing box manufacturer. The purple of the product is also applied to the box, and the white of the underwear will be applied to the white underwear packing box. These products are based on the true color of the product and the association of objects and objects on the packaging box, so as to have a basic conceptual image of the merchandise.

The pattern of packing box

The packaging design uses a wide range of geometric and abstract drawings. These two ways of composition are mainly used in cosmetic packaging boxes or packaging boxes for daily chemicals. In addition, figurative or physical composition will be applied to food packaging boxes. When we can fully express the internal products, we will use skylight box or transparent packing box to let consumers observe the whole product directly. Usually, the packaging will combine the text and the pattern, and the two will take into account the greater effectiveness of packaging. Either way, there is a need to link up with internal products, to strive for a single pattern, to highlight themes, and to be concise and clear.

The connotation of packing box

Words and patterns are appealing, interesting, and the image of the product and the combination of corporate culture, fully embodies the connotation of the packaging box. The production of color, pattern design and packaging is only limited by three parts.