The relationship between smoothness and color effect of PVC cylinder packaging box!

- May 05, 2018-

          Smoothness is a technical indicator for evaluating the surface roughness of the packaging box. It is the physical quantity that indicates the smoothness and uniformity of the surface of the packaging box. That is, under a certain vacuum condition, a certain volume of air is tested under certain pressure from a box under certain pressure. The time required to flow between the surface and the smooth glass surface is measured in seconds. The higher the number of seconds, the better the smoothness of the box. The better the smoothness of the box, the more uniform and complete the contact between the paper and the printing plate at the time of printing, the more sufficient the transfer of the ink layer on the layout (relief) or the blanket, and the better the color rendering effect of the printed product. Conversely, poor smoothness of the packaging, the ink transfer is not uniform, and inadequate, and the paper penetrating the amount of ink is strong, the color effect is also poor, often easy to make ink prints hair, light. Therefore, for finely printed products, the finer the network cable and the smaller the diameter of the dot, the better should be the printing with a smooth box, so that the original can be reproduced with good accuracy.

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