The potential value of blister packs if digging?

- May 11, 2018-

The blister packaging box is a kind of appearance packaging. 2018 has passed half the time. The time has passed. Our packaging has changed and updated. There are also many potential packaging effects to be found in blister packaging products. and use. Many items on the market have become popular and the packaging is also the same. The packaging effect that will be used next year will also be changed in the update stage. This article analyzes some parts that can be tapped in the plastic box products in the future. , update the three points can continue to tap the update.

The appearance of the box packaging, the type of packaging is only rare when the first came out, after a certain period of use, there will be a type of packaging products not far from their own goods packaging, this will make the entire packaging market becomes non-original Causes the packaging to become meaningless,

Therefore, the new appearance of the 2018 new plastic packaging packaging exhibition will be the first excavation.

The shape of the blister box, the general box packaging is a flat groove packaging, in the line is also known as the inner box or inner care packaging, the overall shape is a box-shaped packaging products, to the next box packaging may not be the name Changes may occur but the status quo may be different. At present, there are already goods suppliers using mixed-type packaging, mainly to break the old packaging of consumers often want to increase creativity, if the sale of a packaging can cause many people's attention it must be in the shape of the goods as well as packaging It takes a lot of thought.

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