The need to pay attention to the use of food packaging

- May 11, 2018-


Coupling packaging learned from many reports that 80% of restaurant napkins were unqualified because the manufacturer used waste paper during the production process to add a toxic fluorescent brightening agent, talcum powder, etc. as a cover to cover impurities and whitening. Potential carcinogenic factors. When we dine, if you find that the napkins are rough in color, the paper is hard, and there are confetti falling, do not use it to wipe your mouth, and colored or patterned napkins should be avoided.

Disinfecting wipes

Bacteria over the standard, adding fluorescent whitening agent, aluminum foil bag industrial grade essence and other substances have become the problems that need to be faced when disinfecting wet wipes. When consumers buy wet wipes, they must clearly see the manufacturer of the label and the expiration date.

Moon cake plastic tray

This plastic tray contains a large amount of plasticizer, up to 800 times the maximum. When buying moon cakes, it is best to choose a simple moon cake package.

Stainless steel cutlery

Stainless steel cutlery is made of heavy metals such as iron, chromium, and nickel. Stainless steel cutlery often has cutting angles and heavy metal problems if it is prone to rust for prolonged contact with food.

PVC film

PVC plastic film containing plasticizers is restricted in our country. It cannot directly package meat, cooked foods and high-fat foods, but many manufacturers still use them for food packaging. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the purchase of plastic packaging, yellowing is PVC material, is harmful, white is qualified PE material food packaging film.

Color straw

Today, most straws on the market belong to the “three nos” product, especially the brighter the color, the greater the danger of concealment.

Disposable breakfast box

The main production materials for disposable foam lunch boxes are polystyrene and dimer, which are harmful to the human body. Therefore, when we use disposable foam boxes, we should choose the QS logo and use it as little as possible to control fat and high-temperature foods.

Imitation porcelain tableware

The melamine tableware on the market today is difficult to distinguish from the appearance, so it is best to go to regular shops and supermarkets at the time of purchase. Choose fewer colors and do not use it when heating in a microwave oven.

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