The most commonly used materials for plastic box packaging

- May 09, 2018-

Shenzhen Xin Wang Yang, unique innovative design, for the unique ideas and programs to create a refined transparent packaging box, the most commonly used packaging box, is also widely used by the public on two kinds of materials, one is PVC, one is PET. Good materials will be loved and chosen by more people. Using these two materials to make plastic boxes, high quality, beautiful products, good texture, light weight, and fast production efficiency.


PVC plastic box material density, but also flat, tensile lift, as well as moisture-proof, flame-retardant effect, PVC is the main drawback is not environmentally friendly, Wan Li plastic box emphasis on environmental protection plastic box, and PET material is environmentally friendly plastic box, widely used In maternal and child products, cosmetics, transparency is also high, you can directly display the product inside the plastic box, gorgeous and beautiful.

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