The advantage of the use of the plastic box

- Apr 24, 2018-

Generally speaking, the blister box refers to all bubble shells. In a narrow sense, it is only a class of blister shells: plastic sheets are shaped by plastic sheets, and the lid is connected to containers. It is made of PS, and can separate the lid from the bottom. It can be made of different materials. If the snack box in Japan is covered with black PS, the transparent PET will be used.

The advantages of the plastic box

(1) protection of products

When the digital product is finished, the product needs to be sold directly with a plastic box packaging and protection product. In order not to let the goods arrive at the point of sale, it is scattered and can better guarantee the integrity of the goods. So the product will choose the packaging of the plastic box, and the effective packing can also be better delivered to the destination.

(2) promotion of sales

The use of a plastic box can promote sales. Packaging has the function of identifying and beautifying the product. It can attract the purchase and guide the consumption. As an important part of the form product, it should be paid attention to the packaging design of the plastic box and the design of the appearance.

(3) upgrading grade

The packing box also has the effect of improving the grade. The good outer packing can reflect the value of the goods of the package, and can improve the grade of the product and gain the higher value. As the packing product is convenient for storage, convenient transportation and reducing damage, the market sales can be improved and the profit can be increased relatively. In the competitive industry, the value of the goods can be reflected and the competitiveness of the peers is enhanced. The external packaging of articles is one of the important factors, and the quality of the articles themselves should be guaranteed.