Text color is closely related to packaging design

- Apr 28, 2018-

The first thing that attracts consumers' attention is the color and text on the package. Therefore, the importance of text and color in product packaging design plan. Let's go into the world of colors and words together

The word itself evolved from a long process. It has the beauty of pictographs and artistic atmosphere. The text can be said to be an indispensable element in each package, so the packaging designer must have a personal understanding. To do a good job of packing, we must first understand the secret of the text.

(1) understand the characteristics of various fonts and choose the right fonts in packaging design. In addition to deep understanding of the existing font features, designers can also create new font forms based on the features of the product to attract customers' attention and achieve sales goals.

(2) apart from typeface design, the layout of text is another important factor in forming the image of packaging design. We should not only pay attention to the relationship between words and words, but also pay attention to the relationship between rows and rows, groups and groups.

Apart from noticing the thickness, word distance, area adjustment, line distance and word distance, there are also obvious differences in the arrangement. The basic requirements of packing text layout design are content based attributes and the primary and secondary relationship of the text itself.

The layout of the text can be varied in a variety of forms: horizontal form, vertical form, round form, form, staircase, form, form, form, form, form, axis form, and other forms, and they can be combined with each other in addition to their own use. They can combine themselves with each other. In actual arrangement, it can evolve into more forms.

The research shows that in the design of all aspects of product packaging, color can touch people's reaction earliest and most happily, and more than 80% of visual information directly stimulates the desire of consumers to buy products. Some marketing scholars even think that color is the first element of deciding sales.

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