Successful packaging design - to achieve 3 points

- Apr 25, 2018-

1, sensory packaging

Sensory packaging allows consumers to have an intuitive feeling about the packaging product, such as touch, vision or smell. Sensualized packaging is primarily about creating an overall sense of the outside, such as smell, texture, and visual effects. For example, some feel that the packaging extracts the odor of the internal product to attract guests, such as toast, barbecue, chocolate, or fruit odors, and the extracted odor is fused into the adhesive or paint so that the entire package is full of attractive taste. In this way, a link can be established between the product and the consumer. Sensory packaging has very human considerations for maintaining product integrity.

2, intelligent packaging

Smart packaging is mainly used to detect deviations in packaging structures or materials. For example, the density of the plastic packaging material is detected to determine whether the produced plastic box has enough stiffness to meet the needs of the product. Using laser detection technology, several parameters of food packaging design can be measured, such as the microstructure of packaging printing ink. Intelligent packaging can contain a large amount of product information inside the package. It combines tags and monitoring systems to form an extended tracking system to check product data. Intelligent packaging uses internal sensing elements or advanced barcodes and trademark information systems, and uses the principles of sensory packaging and functional packaging to track and monitor products. The use of UV and EB inks can effectively avoid bar code distortion. For more accurate data detection, data chip or micro spot detection system can also be used for control.

3, functional packaging

This type of packaging is a scientific method for solving packaging problems related to content. With the anti-corrosion properties of the liquid package, the use of such blister packs can enable the perishable product to maintain a longer freshness. The packaging box designed to eliminate certain defects and deficiencies of the product itself can also extend the shelf life of the product and maintain the fresh taste of the product. Functional packaging can effectively prevent content from being disturbed and play a very good protective role.